Our Team


Michael Patterson

CEO and President

Mike brings over 30 years of experience in healthcare technology to the team. He served as the technical manager for the University of Virginia Office of Telemedicine, an industry pioneer, and one of the largest and most successful telemedicine programs in the country. Through thousands of clinical encounters, Mike has facilitated telehealth at every level, including:

  • Needs assessment
  • Hardware and software evaluation
  • Connectivity testing and troubleshooting
  • Scheduling and administration
  • Training of technical, support, and medical staff.

Elizabeth Patterson

Director of Education and Development

Elizabeth has 21 years of experience in teaching and communications, plus an extensive background in training, curriculum development, medical device technical writing, and multimedia design. She has worked on special projects with Totier Technologies since 2010, assisting in the development of prototype devices, creating publications, and completing grants, and now is focused on developing training materials for telehealth professionals.


Shreya Soni

Special Projects

Shreya Soni has developed technology solutions for healthcare clients such as CVS Caremark, Express Scripts and the Office of National Coordinator for Health IT while working as a consulting analyst at Accenture. Additionally, she brings three years experience as a technology intern for the University of Virginia Office of Telemedicine where she worked while completing her bachelor’s of science in biomedical engineering. Shreya is passionate about investigating landscape of Health IT and identifying opportunities to improve health outcomes for patients.


Partners and Clients

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